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In the beginning, there was awful art.

I just had a very enjoyable read of an article on another blog called “Pits Perilous” about the way the old books made us feel like we had the right to make up whatever story we wanted. Read about it here, and enjoy the thought patterns.

My Art and D&D

My whole life, I have loved the creation of images from the stories in my mind, whether a dragon eating a basket of apples or a cowboy reading a map, it is one of my favorite things to do. But I’m really not that good at it, and for a while, this was enough to curb my pleasure in the drawing of these dreams. Now, it comes in fits and starts, occasionally demanding that I put something on paper, but I know that without the constant practice, I cannot keep the skills I have learned. I must try to do a bit better.

I’ll throw in here a couple of examples of my work, some old and some new, or at least less old. My current wish list includes a computer drawing pad and some training on how to use it, since a lot of my art ends up online already.


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