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My Waffler Cred

I started table top gaming some twenty years ago. It all started when I befriended the “weird new kid” at school named Jeremy. Jeremy introduced me to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. We had a lot of fun, at first it was all one on one sessions as I learned the rules. After I learned the rules and how to run Dungeons and dragons I becoming the gamemaster and recruiting others to our group. Many of those players are still my friends all these years later. I could easily say I’ve game mastered over 100 systems. With some games lasting a single session, others lasting a year or more.

I often find myself planning out games and then running to another system before ever running the first. Besides blaming it on what I like to call “gamer ADHD” I have found the source of some of my system wandering. It’s what I like to think of as game compatibility.

There are some amazing games out there, not every game is compatible with my interests or my style as a gamemaster. The ones that are to my liking often draw me in, I get wrapped up in excitement. But what I fail to consider, and really need to ask myself is if this game is compatible with my players interests and tastes. Some times a new shiny game is great and wonderful. But unless it clicks with your groups tastes and social dynamic, it will just end up being another book on your self collecting dust. It’s terrible to think that it’s taken me this long to realize, a good game can still be the wrong game for my group.




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