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Heart-Breakers: the Ultimate Waffle?

Heartbreaker- (n) A role playing game that assumes tropes and mechanics from other published materials, specifically pre-3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons.

Or so I am told.

I was watching a video on You Tube by the guys over at where they discuss why they won’t be making their own role playing game. You can go watch their discussion on You Tube. It got me to thinking about all of my endeavors of the kind and it occurred to me to ask a question.

Is the creation of a home-made role-playing game really the ultimate expression of the Game Waffler?

I know only that in my case, it was so. None of my efforts have been even a little bit original, nor was it very well written, nor was it innovative. Most of my work has been, in fact, cramming one game’s setting into another’s system, even when there is no way it would fit. Shadowrun to GURPS was my first try, and after months of late night headaches, I discovered my friends using a very simple work-around of dropping a lot of Shadowrun’s special effects and just keeping the core idea of near future dystopia mixed with fantasy elements by simply grabbing the GURPS books related to cyber-science and fantasy races, magic and so forth.

I am not alone in this. In fact, I think every game waffler has a ‘heart-breaker’ in them.

My next one mixes old OpenD6 mechanics with “Class” skills from Barbarians of Lemuria or BareBones Fantasy. That or I’ll just make some material to flesh out a world for Fantasy AGE. I guess I could always cram something I love into Savage Worlds, if I felt the need.


Welcome to the Games Waffler. Yeah. It’s like that.

How about you? What square pegs have you tried to hammer into inter-dimensional rifts?


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