Organized Play and the PC Gamer

I was describing the sort of railroady game I had played in a couple of times at the local game store but was reluctant to play in again. She returned just about the most apt description of that sort of role playing game experience.

She said “You mean like a long slow boring computer game?”

Even with my limited funds, I can spring for a couple of computer rpgs on GOG or Steam and get plenty of killy action for days at times I do not have to arrange and hope nobody backs out on. I can play these games more than once, and try to make a few different decisions, but in the end it is truly the same, which is to say I have to force myself to forget what happened the last time I played through the game.

If I am going to bother with the social trials of getting folks around a table, in person or over the net, I am certainly not going to want the game to be trapped in the constraints of organized play, many of which are deadly to role play and make the game over into basically a series of combat encounters or other rolls of the dice.


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