Giving Up, Then Getting Back

A problem which will face nearly every single role-playing gamer, and most gamers of any sort, is the gathering and forming a game group steady enough for reliable ongoing play. In the broader category of gaming, where each gathering is most often a single play through or even several individual iterations, getting a few gamers together to play is quite a challenge when people are very often busy with the requirements of life. With RPGs, the challenge is escalated by the desire to have ongoing stories for weeks, months or even years. I, myself, am between such groups.

I gave up.

I poured myself instead into video games; particularly The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I bought three games in January: Skyrim, Subnautica, and Astroneer. All are fun, but each in its own way. The main difference between Skyrim on the one side and the others on the other is the way Skyrim constantly propels you through stories so that there is a constant pressure to continue, while the others allow you to go at your own pace, mostly (though as Subnautica develops, there are time crunch elements coming into the game.) I sank into the other worlds written by the designers, and fell into the constant drive, racking up over 435 hours of play in a seven week period. Needless to sat this put a lot of pressure on my family relations and more on my schoolwork (I’m finally near graduating at almost 49 years old) so I had to take it off of my computer, much as I had to take Fallout 4 off of my machine just about exactly the same date last year. Only I spent about two thirds as much time in FO4.

So now, as I return to recovery from the ravages of this game, I find my mind opening once again to the possibilities of table to role playing.  I have one young man and his fiance willing to run me a bit of Pathfinder, which is great, even though Pathfinder is definitely not my favorite flavor of D&D. Black Hack or Anime Hack or one of the other cut down enhanced old school games rank above it. There is also D6, Savage Worlds, Fantasy AGE, and Ubiquity Engine to name a few other nifty things that all rank above it in my book. However any good game is way better than no game at all. And so my path back into the fray is set, and my return to the table is assured.


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