[Q&A] Eloy Lasanta (Pip System Corebook)

This is a great interview about the Pip System Core Rules now on Kickstarter. The Pip System is a very simple and yet as complex as you want role playing game system built around a simple and elegant mechanic. It is innovative games like these that keep me coming back to the hobby.

The Hardboiled GMshoe's Office

[20:31] <+Eloy-3EG> Hey everyone! I’m Eloy Lasanta,

[20:31] <+CarolDarnell> I’m Carol Darnell

[20:31] <+JohnDKennedy> I’m John Kennedy, one of the writers.

[20:31] <+Eloy-3EG> I own Third Eye Games and we’re here to talk about our latest venture for the Pip System Kickstarter. (Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/eloylasanta/pip-system-corebook-family-style-rpgs-from-third-e)https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/eloylasanta/pip-system-corebook-family-style-rpgs-from-third-e

[20:32] <+Eloy-3EG> Its the culmination of about 5 years of writing, playtesting, and rules theory that has led us to a really awesome universal system that any player, new or old, can pick up and play almost instantly

Pip System Corebook, Family-Style RPGs from Third Eye Games project video thumbnail

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