The author started gaming in late 1979, if his memory serves him well. Mike was a full-on Gygaxian for most of his early teens, playing games including Dungeons & Dragons, AD&D, Top Secret, and Gamma World. In 1982 or ’83, he met a couple of influential friends who introduced him to table top war games through games like Car Wars, Battletech, and Ogre. Also he branched out into non-TSR role-playing with games of Traveler, Tunnels and Trolls, and Toon. The movies portray high school as a time of romance and learning and athletic achievement, but for Mike the achievements were all on the table.

From that time to this, only two things have been of greater importance in the life of the Games Waffler: his undying faith in God and his love for his family. The diversions of the world games opened up for Mike have been instrumental in keeping him going, even.

The most recent years have seen a waning of Mike’s gaming, but they are never very far from his mind.